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Pilgrim PRU | Building Bridges

Leah Miller



The Pilgrim PRU is an outstanding alternative provision providing education for children and young people. Our dynamic learning environment offers a rich and broad curriculum to pupils from Primary through to Post-16. We provide a personalised, nurturing and supportive environment for both our students and their families. We have high expectations for all our students and adapt each child’s time with us to best meet their needs and ultimately achieve the best outcomes for all.

Every student has unique learning needs, interests and abilities so we aim to provide an individual programme for every student alongside support and encouragement to help them move on to the next stage in their education. Transition is also a key feature of our offer – both admission and discharge – and we work very closely with a wide professional network to ensure each child is supported at every milestone.

Our success is founded on the principle of having the highest of expectation in a nurturing and personalised way; from ourselves, from students and staff, and from parents and partners. By doing this we challenge everyone within our community to achieve more than they thought possible. This allows students to aspire for greatness in what life journey they may choose.

As our logo suggests, we aim to ‘build bridges’ between schools and colleges to allow for a smooth transition back to the students’ home school or the next phase in their learning. In addition to the subject curriculum, we offer a bespoke personalised development programme which aims to build students’ self-esteem and resilience and give them the tools to manage their future destinations. We firmly believe that all our students can achieve, regardless of their personal circumstance and journey thus far.

Our vision and ethos means that every child is placed at the centre and our specialist team of dedicate staff are here to support every step of the way.


Pupils feel safe at the Pilgrim Pru. For many pupils, this is a real achievement, given their challenges and complex needs. Staff develops very positive and trusting relationships with pupils, based on mutual respect and understanding.

– Ofsted, November 2016

Brilliant service. The teacher really engaged with E at her level and pace, thank you very much.

– Parent of a Pupil at the Addenbrooke’s Centre

I can’t believe I got my GCSE English; I couldn’t have done it without all your help and support. You believed in me and somehow made me believe I could do it. You made learning English fun and enjoyable and that’s something I never ever thought would happen.

– Pupil at the Phoenix Centre

Latest News

Addenbrooke’s Cancer Study Day 2019

Addenbrooke's Children with Cancer Study Day was held on Friday 22 November 2019.  It is an annual opportunity for schools to meet with hospital teachers and hear presentations from the different hospital departments that support children through their illness.  This...

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Exam Results – 2019

This year we had four year 11 students with us as part of their admission.  We also supported three year 12 students to (re)take Maths and/or English GCSE.  We also had one year 11 GCSE student at Addenbrooke's who we have reported on separately as although he studied...

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Darwin Panto

Darwin Centre patients and staff performed their Christmas panto, The Greatest Nativity. Written by service-user Zoe - who played Mary (above) - the audience packed the Conference Centre at Ida Darwin, Cambridge. The show raised nearly £100 for the Trust charity Head...

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Exam Results – 2018

Last year, following the implementation of Progress and Attainment 8 nationally, the Pilgrim PRU and the management committee consulted on whether to continue to compare ourselves to national standards as we had done historically. We agreed that in accordance with DFE...

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Addenbrooke’s Cancer Study Day

Addenbrooke's Children with Cancer Study Day was held on Monday 19 November 2018.  It is an opportunity for mainstream schools to learn more about the journey taken by children who are being treated at Addenbrooke's hospital and the specialist support that they...

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Ofsted Inspection – Nov 2016

On November 15th, 2016, Ofsted inspected the Pilgrim PRU. They last visited us in 2011 and rated us outstanding at the time. After a tour of the four centres; discussing with teachers, pupils and parents, they have once again deemed the Pilgrim PRU as an outstanding...

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