Last year, following the implementation of Progress and Attainment 8 nationally, the Pilgrim PRU and the management committee consulted on whether to continue to compare ourselves to national standards as we had done historically. We agreed that in accordance with DFE guidance our focus as a PRU was to ensure that the students achieved those qualifications required to support them to secure education or employment in their next steps. This year schools will also have to report on the percentage of students continuing onto education or employment. We will still therefore compare the headline measures of the percentage of pupils achieving threshold in English and math’s against national standard and report on our own internal measures of success i.e. predicted grades against actual grades as well as subject to subject comparison. However in the new light of Progress and Attainment 8 this report will also include information regarding the alternative pathways employed to support young people to leave hospital and their success in securing education or employment post-discharge.

This year’s full report can be seen here.

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