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About Us | Pilgrim PRU
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About Us

The Pilgrim PRU is a Pupil Referral Unit which provides educational support for children and young people with complex mental health and medical needs. There are four hospitals within the Pilgrim PRU; these are The Darwin Centre, The Phoenix, The Croft Children and Family unit and Addenbrooke’s hospital.
The Pilgrim PRU is led by Amanda Morris-Drake and Teachers in Charge of each hospital unit. We work closely with multi-agency colleagues from health, CAMH, educational staff in mainstream schools and social care professionals. Children and young people at the Pilgrim PRU range from 4 to 18 years of age. Most students will be dual registered with their own mainstream school. All students receive a personalised curriculum and have an Individual learning plan to support their learning. Students are able to take GCSE and other public exams at the Pilgrim PRU. The Pilgrim PRU provides specialist teaching and support with reintegration back to mainstream school or college and transitions to other placements.
Photo of pupils enjoying science day activities at the Addenbrooke's centre


At the Darwin Centre, the Phoenix and the Croft reviews are held with parents/carers, pupils and multi- disciplinary colleagues every 5-6 weeks to review the work done and plan ahead.


The aim of the Pilgrim PRU is to maximise achievement and personal development in the context of a students’ medical needs. We aim to build resilience and self-confidence to enable students to move on successfully.

At the Pilgrim PRU we are dedicated to ensuring equality for all pupils, staff members and parents. All of our centers are inclusive environments for LGBTQAI+ pupils, staff members and parents and we promote accepting attitudes within our ethos and our curriculums. We liaise closely with the Kite Trust who provide one-to-one sessions for LGBTQAI+ young people and who deliver training to all staff members to ensure best practice.

For further information please see our Parents Information page


You and your team, alongside the health care professionals, secure better life chances for young people at the Pilgrim PRU. 

– Ofsted, November 2016

The Pilgrim PRU Vision

The Pilgrim PRU Vision
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