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Phoenix | Pilgrim PRU
The Phoenix is a school attached to a NHS inpatient eating disorders unit for young people aged 11-18 years. Students come from Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties.
The Phoenix Centre School is open from Monday to Friday. There is one Teacher in Charge, two teachers and teaching assistants who support students with their learning.
The ethos of the classroom is to encourage and provide a stable, positive environment. Individual teaching with subject specialists and assistants gives support and confidence to students. Teaching staff also provide small-group study where each student can be valued and the school aims to inspire trust between students of all ages. School staff aim to instil a love of learning and to motivate each student to achieve their individual potential.
Teaching staff maintain a close liaison with students’ home schools and individual learning plans are devised. Students are supported to pursue their future and further education options. A core curriculum of Maths, English and Science is complemented by Languages, Art, Humanities and other central school subjects. As the Phoenix Centre is a registered exam centre it is possible for students to take their exams here.
Visiting speakers and arts groups are invited to the Phoenix to complement and enhance the curriculum and ensure that the school is part of the local community.
Attending the Phoenix Centre is an important part of the overall treatment at the unit. It provides the opportunity to work in a close and supportive school environment with peers.

We send you our deepest thanks for helping X. Your support, encouragement & unswerving belief in her has been rightfully rewarded.  You were integral to this Mary – your belief in X and the layer of confidence you brought whilst she was in the Phoenix was crucial to her recovery.

You made me enjoy school for the first time in my life.

I would never have been able to get through my GCSEs without you! You are such fantastic, wonderful and amazing teachers.

Thank you for believing in me and supporting me through all the exams and school work. You have made school a fun experience and you have all made me believe in myself when I do exams.

Art at the Phoenix Centre

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