The Pilgrim PRU Team

The Pilgrim PRU has dedicated staff including teachers, teaching assistants and a business support manager.   We are a committed team who prioritise doing our best for the children and young people in our care.

Staff work diligently in partnership with a dedicated healthcare team to ensure that pupils’ needs are met’ – Ofsted 2016

Amanda Morris-Drake

Head Teacher


Gail Herbert

Business Support Manager


Teachers in Charge

Shauna DeWolf

Teacher in Charge, Phoenix

Catherine Fraser-Andrews

Assistant Secondary Head, Teacher in Charge Darwin, SENCO Secondary

Nadine Gooding-Hébert

Assistant Primary Head, Teacher In Charge Croft, SENCO Primary

Teaching Staff

Richard Cragg

Maths Teacher

Hayley Dearman

Primary Teacher


Jason Gibbons

Science Teacher

Rachel Lundskaer-Nielsen

Primary Teacher


Heather Mepham

Specialist Teacher, Brainbow Service


Alex Morris

Secondary Teacher

Justiner Tucker

Primary Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Rachel Badcock

Teaching Assistant


Liz Cotton

Teaching Assistant


Emma Crockwell

Teaching Assistant


Nadia Gibson

Teaching Assistant


Rebecca Macehiter

Teaching Assistant


Susan Wakes-Miller

Teaching Assistant


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