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Pupil Premium & Funding | Pilgrim PRU

Pupil Premium at the Pilgrim PRU

Where pupils are eligible for Pupil Premium, this is allocated to their home school, not to the Pilgrim PRU. Cambridgeshire County Council allocates a small notional amount to the Pilgrim PRU each year to cover Pupil Premium.

When a young person is admitted to one of the centres within the Pilgrim PRU the Teacher in Charge asks the home school whether the pupil is in receipt of Pupil Premium and, if so, how it is being spent. The education team at The Pilgrim PRU will endeavour to ensure that the support continues.

Every child or young person within the Pilgrim PRU receives a personalised education plan to help support their learning goals. All are vulnerable learners as a result of their medical needs. Those who are eligible for Pupil Premium are treated in the same way as other pupils. The Pupil Premium allows us to buy packages and extra tuition which meets their needs and also benefits other pupils.

The impact of Pupil Premium will be measured by looking at attendance and engagement information for each pupil.  We would hope to see improved attendance and higher social emotional and mental health scores for those students who have received additional support.

During the 2019/20 financial year Pupil Premium funds have been used to fund the following:

Area of Expenditure Intended outcomes
Dyslexia resources for pupils Students will be better equipped to undertake their day to day learning.
Early years resources for Addenbrooke’s students Students to be better supported in the classroom and more able to move to their next steps.
Primary resources for the Croft Behavioral unit To better support learning in the classroom
Korean language books Provided for a GCSE student to complete their course whilst with the Pilgrim PRU.
Psychology Tutoring Students to successfully complete course and undertake qualifications.
Zoo programme for Darwin students Increase confidence and ability of students
Juggling workshop for Darwin students Increase confidence and ability of students
Clicker 7, writing support programme for Primary students. Enhance learning experience for students
Read, Write Inc, literacy programme for Primary students. Enhance and support learning of students
Storytime Phonics for Addenbrooke’s Enhance and support learning of students.

During 2019/20 we have used Pupil Premium funding to enhance our resources for the teaching of phonics and the teaching of reading.  We have purchased Clicker 7, a literacy software package, to support the teaching of writing across both the primary and secondary provision.

We have purchased practical mathematical equipment to support the teaching of addition, subtraction, multiplication, fractions and shapes. We have purchased literacy materials to enhance the provision of Early Years and Primary education. These new resources have provided greater opportunity for children to access stimulating and enjoyable learning activities in difficult surroundings and have helped embed learning.

In the secondary provision we provided additional tutoring in a range of subjects including psychology and Korean. Several students have participated in a three day work experience at Whipsnade Zoo and circus workshops. These experiences have allowed pupils to develop independence and improved their wellbeing and self-confidence. These skills will help students to be able to transition successfully when they leave the Pilgrim PRU.

Pupil Premium Money – Addenbrooke’s

Resources bought with Pupil Premium money have made a really positive impact on our teaching, enabling us to support children’s learning in a broader range of ways and allowing us to adapt learning activities effectively to meet the needs of each child. We have found that the majority of these new resources can be used across all of the age groups that we work with and have been particularly useful to support learning for children with SEND. Children have responded really well to the new resources, and the broad range of resources we now have to hand, means that we can quickly adapt our teaching to the needs of the child in that moment.

These are some of the things that Pupil Premium money has been spent on this year:

  • A range of practical, hands-on resources to support effective mathematics learning.

Using physical resources allows children to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts, as well as increasing engagement and enjoyment in lessons.

  • Illuminated writing boards

These have been particularly useful to support writing, mark-making and reading for children with SEND, those who have had Brain Injury and EYFS emerging writers.

Resourcing EYFS activity trays to facilitate child-led Early Years learning

We have purchased a range of resources that can be used in multiple ways to support each of the areas of learning in the EYFS curriculum. For example, one tray containing beads and pipe cleaners could be used to make puppets for role play (C&L, PSED, Literacy), bead strings for counting (Maths), threading (PD), and sculpture (EAD).

StoryTime Phonics Scheme

This is a book-based scheme, which is ideal for our setting, as we can use the planning chronologically for our long-term patients, or ‘dip in’ to teach specific sounds for those children who have gaps in their phonic knowledge. Each picture book is accompanied by planning to teach a specific phoneme (sound). The planning includes ‘caption and actions’, fun practical activities, and video material. The engaging picture books also provide lots of opportunities for reading comprehension and cross curricular work, which we have found particularly motivating for our pupils. The scheme is designed for EYFS and Y1, but we have also found the planning and picture books useful for children from older year groups including those with SEND.


PE & Sports Premium Funding at the Pilgrim PRU

The Pilgrim PRU does not currently received PE & Sports Premium funding.


Year 7 catch-up Premium Funding at the Pilgrim PRU

The Pilgrim PRU does not currently receive Year 7 catch-up premium funding.

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