About Us

We offer a personalised education service to all school-age children who stay in Addenbrooke’s Hospital for any length of time above two days.  We are based in an office near two of the children’s wards, and teaching takes place both in the schoolroom and at the bedside, depending on the needs of the child. The school is open Monday-Friday 9.00-3.30 during Cambridgeshire school terms.
The team comprises three teachers and two teaching assistants, who have a wide range of experience and skills across all Key Stages.

Our Key Aims

To provide a sense of continuity and normality for children and young people who are in hospital undergoing treatment.

To support and encourage pupils to access learning appropriate to their needs and ability during their stay.


To offer support and advice on educational matters

To prepare children for the return to school.


We provide daily lessons in a small group or 1:1 setting for each child who is well enough to access learning.  These are planned according to the frameworks of the National Curriculum and adapted to the individual needs of the child.  For long-term pupils this will usually involve regular liaison with the child’s school as well as daily communication with the family and the individual pupil during their stay.  We place a strong emphasis on motivation, and take into account individual pupils’ interests, likes and dislikes and special needs so that each pupil is able to achieve and enjoy their learning.   We are available to support parents and pupils in planning the return to school and with any concerns regarding the continuity of schooling and where relevant, exams.

I think [hospital school] is very important especially for the older children, so they can feel like they have still made an effort even though they are poorly.  I also like that you are given a choice in what you do, and it’s great that you can take a copy home to show teachers what you’ve done.

The teacher had the patience to adapt the curriculum to my daughter’s needs, which meant she could access this facility.

The teachers were amazing and I loved working with them!

The teaching has been a real benefit to my son; the teachers have made the classes interesting and enjoyable.

A selection of our displays

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