Pupil Premium at the Pilgrim PRU

Where pupils are eligible for Pupil Premium, this is allocated to their home school, not to the Pilgrim PRU. Cambridgeshire County Council allocates a small notional amount to the Pilgrim PRU each year to cover Pupil Premium.

When a young person is admitted to one of the centres within the Pilgrim PRU the Teacher in Charge asks the home school whether the pupil is in receipt of Pupil Premium and, if so, how it is being spent. The education team at The Pilgrim PRU will endeavour to ensure that the support continues.

Every child or young person within the Pilgrim PRU receives a personalised education plan to help support their learning goals. All are vulnerable learners as a result of their medical needs. Those who are eligible for Pupil Premium are treated in the same way as other pupils. The Pupil Premium allows us to buy packages and extra tuition which meets their needs and also benefits other pupils.

The impact of Pupil Premium will be measured by looking at attendance and engagement information for each pupil.  We would hope to see improved attendance and higher social emotional and mental health scores for those students who have received additional support.

The Pupil Premium funding in 2015-16 was £4,588.

The Pupil Premium funding in 2016-17 was £5,445.00 An additional £1,000 of funding was received in February 2017.

Sports Premium funding in 2016-17 was £417.00

This has been used to fund the following:

Area of Expenditure Pupil Premium funding Description Intended outcomes
MyMaths subscription £185.00 MyMaths is an online maths lesson resource used in all 4 centes to support the teaching of Maths.  Many pupils are familiar with using this at their mainstream schools.  Mymaths provides individual lessons and homework tasks online. Mymaths is used to support personalised learning programmes in all 4 centres.
Education City Subscription £2,775 (2 yr subscription) This is a primary assessment tool used at the Croft and Addenbrooke’s to inform personalised learning and inform teaching staff of areas that pupils’ need to work on. This is used to assess and monitor pupil progress.
Tapestry learning journal subscription. £53.00 Tapestry is an online interactive learning journal for early year’s children. This is a useful tool for recording and sharing children’s progress.
Sewing Equipment £3.49 To teach sewing. To gain sewing skills.
Numicon Maths Resources £233.80 Multi-sensory maths apparatus to help with embedding number concepts and developing maths mastery. To support pupil premium students gain a greater understanding of number work.
Teach It subscription £55.00 Online English resources and lesson plans to support the teaching of English at KS3 and KS4 at Addenbrooke’s. To provide personalised English resources.
Phonics & Comprehension Resources £69.25 Resources to support the teaching of reading and comprehension skills. To support the teaching of reading and comprehension skills.
Arts Week Screen Printing workshops in all 4 centres. £512.00 To engage the children and young people in an arts activity and create a banner for each centre. Engagement in a creative activity to promote self-confidence.
Educational Visits £89.30 Wildlife Park / Curriculum Trip (Darwin Centre) Engagement in visit off site.
Sports Equipment £141.00 Badminton court markers, posts and net. Promoting physical activity.
Guitar £86.43 To enable students to learn the guitar Learning a musical instrument
Drama Workshops £300.00 Drama workshops took place at the Phoenix Engagement in a creative activity to promote self-confidence
Yoga in Schools £417.00 Sports Premium

£268.00 Pupil Premium

Yoga workshop to train staff to be able to deliver Yogo to students Offering yoga to students to enhance well being.
Total £4847.23

This is how the Pupil Premium has made a difference to the attainment of disadvantaged students.

  • Subscriptions to Education City, a highly motivating IT based resource for English, Maths and Science has been very successful in assessing and re-engaging pupils who find the medium of IT more appealing and less threatening than more traditional methods.
  • Numicon equipment helps to develop children’s confidence and understanding in maths and develops their skills in fluency, reasoning and problem solving.
  • Pupil premium money allows for individual planning and personalised learning to take place as resources are purchased to support this.  This has empowered the young people to drive their own learning and raised attainment.  It has also helped students develop a sense of self and promoted self-confidence.
  • Visits and creative workshops such as the screen printing and drama workshops increase pupil engagement and self-worth.
  • The benefits of teaching yoga in schools: When yoga is taught to children as part of the school day with the right approach there is a huge impact on their physical, emotional and educational development.
    • Physical: benefits include greater fitness, improved flexibility for the spine and joints, better posture and improved co-ordination.
    • Emotionally: the right approach can help children to improve their social skills, to discover ways to self calm and relax, which will help them deal with life’s challenges and get on better with each other.
    • Educationally: the right approach can help children improve concentration, speaking and listening skills, their writing and even help them understand complex ideas in interesting and vibrant ways.
  • The holistic effect of these benefis is to give the child an improved sense of self worth, an increased sense of self esteem and therefore a happier and heathier life.
  • The FIVE main areas of benefit that are targetted in the teaching of Yoga are:
    • Concentration
    • Behaviour
    • Physical fitness
    • Relaxation and Calming
    • Well-being and Self-esteem

Funding which has not been spent will be carried forward into the new financial year and expenditure will be included within next year’s report.

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