Pupil Premium at the Pilgrim PRU

Where pupils are eligible for Pupil Premium, this is allocated to their home school, not to the Pilgrim PRU. Cambridgeshire County Council allocates a small notional amount to the Pilgrim PRU each year to cover Pupil Premium.

When a young person is admitted to one of the centres within the Pilgrim PRU the Teacher in Charge asks the home school whether the pupil is in receipt of Pupil Premium and, if so, how it is being spent. The education team at The Pilgrim PRU will endeavour to ensure that the support continues.

Every child or young person within the Pilgrim PRU receives a personalised education plan to help support their learning goals. All are vulnerable learners as a result of their medical needs. Those who are eligible for Pupil Premium are treated in the same way as other pupils. The Pupil Premium allows us to buy packages and extra tuition which meets their needs and also benefits other pupils.

The impact of Pupil Premium will be measured by looking at attendance and engagement information for each pupil.  We would hope to see improved attendance and higher social emotional and mental health scores for those students who have received additional support.

During the 2017/18 financial year Pupil Premium funds have been used to fund the following:

Area of Expenditure Intended outcomes
Science Equipment and resources For students to be able to participate in practical science lessons
Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Screening Resources To be able to screen students on admission and put support and interventions in place.
CTOPP – Phonological Testing Kit To be able to screen students on admission and put support and interventions in place.
Course books to support learning Resources to support the offer of a braod curriculum.
Educational resources to support Maths learning Resources to support the teaching of Maths

This is how the Pupil Premium has made a difference to the attainment of disadvantaged students.

  • Numicon equipment helps to develop children’s confidence and understanding in maths and develops their skills in fluency, reasoning and problem solving.
  • Pupil premium money allows for individual planning and personalised learning to take place as resources are purchased to support this.  This has empowered the young people to drive their own learning and raised attainment.  It has also helped students develop a sense of self and promoted self-confidence.
  • Purchasing screening tests for Dyslexia and Dyscalculia will allow the Pilgrim PRU staff to provide targeted interventions earlier.


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